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January 24, 2007



Guess what. As a liberal and therefore a POS I guess, I am offended when somebody is rude and demeaning to ANYONE, not just those that I don't agree with. I mean, I sure as hell don't agree with Republicans but I don't call them a Piece Of Shit. I'm not gay but I don't call them ugly names and I don't agree with anyone who does.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly where in the official Democrat Party literature the president is referred to as Hitler. I mean, surely you don't call all Democrats ugly names just because a couple of them say something stupid (oops you just did). If so, I guess those stupid things the president said when he thought the mike was off is now the opinion of all republicans? Or the KKK's stand on blacks is enough reason to say that all Christians are racist? Ya know, I have a bunch of friends who are Democrats or otherwise liberal and I simply don't see them walking around doing all this trashing, cursing, demeaning, and belittling. The ones I know tend to be very tolerant of those with opposing views for the most part. Unlike some conservatives I know who will publicly call Democrats "POS" because of something that didn't even have ANYTHING to do with politics. The article you quoted.... it was about Hollywood (not a political party last time I checked) and gay rights activists (guess what, there are gay REPUBLICANS too).

Oh, and surprise, there are a whole bunch of Republicans who would and have called southerns rednecks.

Personally, I have seen a whole bunch of conservative Republicans who are rude and judgemental and demeaning and belittling to anyone who doesn't share their point of view. (See above post if you haven't seen such behavior.) But I don't really see the same behavior in any Democrats/liberals I know. Most of them that I know are more tolerant of opposing views.... you know, I don't agree with you but I'd never call you a piece of shit for having an opposing view. That kind of thing.

And yeah, by disagreeing with you I am proving your point. You already told me that. I don't care that our opinions differ. I've known that from the day we met. But it's very hard for me to understand calling an entire group of people names and making blanket statements.


Seems you took this very personally.

Yes, the article is about Hollywood, a liberal, democrat bastion. And it is these POS to whom I refer. Yes, it is not nice to call gay people fagots. Yes, some conservatives are rude and demeaning. Yes, not all liberals are, but many are. I have many liberal friends, social liberals. However, the term 'liberal' in politics has been cooped by extreme leftists, socialists and out right Marxist.

You obviously misunderstand the point of my statements. In the article, someone called another an unkind name. So the 'solution' is to send this person to a 're-education' camp to get his head right. This is right out of the communist play book. And, I might add, this is similar to demands made by prominent national democrat leaders regarding dissenting voices within the democrat party.

And yes, the individuals my remarks are aimed at are Pieces of Shit. Period! They do not read this blog, but so what. These very wealthy, very privileged, very arrogant, very democrat loonies have made public statements comparing the president to Hitler and worse. In their world, the only people who are OK to insult are conservatives and white Southerners. However, let someone say something THEY don't like and he gets sent off to a 're-education' camp for 'therapy'.

I was not referring to you, not to ALL democrats, not all liberals. Otherwise, I would never have voted for a democrat for State Attorney General or a black, female democrat for county judge.

My concerns are larger than this isolated event. I fear for our nation. I fear for the future of my nieces and nephews. This article is but one example of how out of touch so many are. We have real enemies, bent on our annihilation, yet so many in the leadership, in what should be the loyal opposition, and their Hollywood supporters, would gleefully allow failure in the battle for Iraq for political gain.

What is their plan to counter the terrorists? THEY DON'T HAVE ONE!! All they have is criticism! As recently as December 17 Harry Reid was DEMANDING the president send more troops to Iraq. He and others were DEMANDING that Bush heed the ISG report. So, now, Bush wants more troops, AS SUGGESTED BY THE ISG, and all the dems are screaming NO! NO! I am sorry you can't see the larger picture here. While the fanatics are sharpening their knives, Hollywood and yes, MOST of them are politically liberal democrats, send some slob off for counseling for name calling. Pathetic!!

Here's a news flash for you: Iraq is a proxy war with Iran.

I see history repeating itself, as many others do. Research the 1930s and the rise of Nazi Germany, pay close attention to the attitude of the British, French and particular the Americans.

So, don't ASSUME you know from where my opinions originate nor to whom my ire is directed.


You misunderstood my point. It's not about whom your ire is directed. It's about the fact that you are painting with a wide brush and insulting anyone who doesn't hold your opinion.

The democrats did not send the guy off for counseling. He made an innappropriate, rude, and intolerant remark in public based on one's sexual preferance. I'm sure the studio or production company or whoever is in charge of shooting the show that he is part of and endangering the popularity of by being such an outspoken prejudice insensitive clod would be the party responsible for getting him in counseling. Most likely it was dreamed up by him or his agent of the company he's working for in an attempt to save their ratings after he was such a rude jerk in public. The gay rights people agreed to accept it as a good will gesture and back off. I'm still failing to see what this has to do with the democrats in general (although there might be more democrats than republicans in the gay rights group... but surely you can acknowledge that there are gay republicans who like their rights protected also). Or what lead you to refer to the "POS democrats" or why you can't see that the comment you made is a broad sweeping rude namecalling generalization that paints not only all democrats but anyone who even loosely identifies with any side other than the one you have deemed right. But I shouldn't take it personally that you think anyone who isn't all for going and nuking Iraq is stupid and worthless. Maybe if you are going to make public insults you should try insulting the individual or people who said or did whatever it is that offends you.... not the larger group that they might be a part of but do not represent.

Guess what. Not everyone sees this war and what the president is doing as a GOOD thing. And we aren't idiots. I know, you think that doing something, even something ineffective is better than doing nothing. I don't agree. It doesn't make me stupid. And I'm not calling you names for supporting it, even if I can't even begin to understand why you would think it's a good thing. If this war is such a good idea, why is it still going on with no sign of ending? The examples you gave were of individuals comparing the president to Hitler, not "the democrats". Maybe I'll start calling all conservatives ugly names based on what a few (even the president at times) has said that doesn't represent the entire party. Nah, that's not something that most politically liberal people do.

I don't expect you to ever understand why I am offended by this. I accepted from the beginning that you were like this. But, after biting my tongue most of the times that you started the name-calling and intolerance for anyone who might disagree with your political views, this one was just too much. Don't worry, I just won't bother reading this blog anymore. Say whatever you want.


"...So my question is this, when are the Democrats going to enter into treatment ..." Yes, it is a broad brush. I realized this after re-reading my original post after your rant. I considered editing it, but decided it would best to allow this discussion to play out first. What I should have said was something like this, "...So my question is this, when are the Democrats who compared Bush to Hitler going to enter into treatment..." Or, "...So my question is this, when are those who compared Bush to Hitler going to enter into treatment..." If I intended to include ALL democrats, I would be putting half my family in that category.

I find it ironic that my strong opinions and words are offensive, while those of others, on the opposite side receive a pass. I suppose you are unaware of what the opposition says and does. Get your information from a variety of sources and never, never rely on your personal experience alone.

I don't have a problem with gay people. Having 25 years in the medical profession I have met, worked with and socialized with many, many. My point is the childish nature exhibited here. Call someone a nasty name and get send off for counseling. It is part and parcel with the touchy-feely, feel good, psycho-babble that pervades our society. Our enemies have NO reservations against cold blooded murder while so many Americans get exercised by a little name calling. We have become a society too soft and conflicted. Too many look desperately for 256 shades of gray, when many issues are black and white. Then the reverse is true in other situations.

And, yeah, it is not cool, I am guilty of name calling. I get frustrated, angry and blurt out something 'insensitive'. Makes me human doesn’t it?

You want to see real intolerance. Visit a few of the democrat websites,, are a start. Read the postings there. These are the core movements within the party. They provide grass-roots support and lots and lots of money to the democrats. They are just as whacked out and extreme as those on the opposite end, the extremists on the right.

Look, neither party represents the people or the best interest of the country. I have said this before. We only get to hold our collective noses and vote for the lesser evil every four years. They both seem bent on leading us to destruction, only on differing paths.


WOW..I picked a hell of a day to check in~


Oh for crying out loud. I meant to unsub you from bloglines but I didn't and I read it again. So explain this to me. You think the gay rights activists should have gone after someone who called the president Hitler? Or probably more accurately, the studio and agent for Mr. Washington who suggsted he offer this up as a peace offering to the gay rights activists to prevent a call for a boycott, should they have also called the guy who compared the president to Hitler? I don't get your stand AT ALL! I mean, maybe the gay rights activists and the studio and producers and agent for Mr. Washington (because THAT is who the original article was about, not the Democrats or anyone else) WERE outraged but didn't have the power to get anything done about it when the President was called Hitler and we were called rednecks but since their cause is the ratings of the show in the case of the studio and producers and agent and gay rights in the case of the gay rights activists what could they have done? Is it a sin in your book to fight for a cause and not fight for every cause?

Who are you referring to when you say " As long you sing their song, you can say whatever you like, trash, curse, demean, belittle anyone so long as they agree with your actions." The gay rights activists? Because I don't see what calling The president Hitler or calling Southerners rednecks has to do with gay rights. The Democratic party? Are they the ones who officially called for Mr. Washington to apologize and get counseling? I haven't seen any evidence that the Democrats called for anything in this case so I don't see what they would have to do with the other case. I guess I just don't get how you are making any kind of comparison. The gay rights activists should have called for counseling for the entire Democratic party? Ummmm OK. Really. You aren't making any sense with this comparison.

And please, show me where I have given people on the other side of the issue a pass. I have yet to see anyone that I know calling people who don't agree with them names on this issue other than you. It's not your opinion that the war is right or that AN INDIVIDUAL who happens to be a Democrat called the President Hitler and shouldn't. It's the fact that you are namecalling. Period.

And seriously, you don't think that the government or any political party sent this man off for counseling, do you??? He was probably pressured into it by his employers since his public intolerance and childish outburst was embarassing them and threatening their ratings. That's why I don't see how this relates at all to the other issues. I don't see starting in on the "POS Democrats" when this was the act of a stupid actor who thinks he can say whatever pops into his little brain and the studio/producers, and some gay rights activists. Nothing you posted said anything about Democrats but you sure used it as an opportunity to bash and badmouth them. I'm sure there are some democrats who have said some nasty things. Republicans too. Including the president when he thought the mike was off. So how do you see this as some sort of political party persecuation?


And PS. If you think that any website with the word "underground" attached represents the ideas of the majority of the mainstream members of a particular party..... I've got some swampland to sell you. Don't judge an entire group based on a few outspoken extremists.


Never try to put out a fire with gasoline.

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